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Smart Cat Ball

Smart Cat Ball

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Are you looking for a unique and fun way to keep your beloved feline entertained?

Did you know? Studies has shown that most pets die prematurely because of the loneliness they feel while their owners are far from them for a long time.

With our product, you don't need to find your cat an attention replacement while you are working!

Our Smart Cat Ball has unique intelligence that gives your cat attention he doesn't have while you're not at home. By that, you can relax knowing your cat is not lonely with his new friend!

Actions our rolling ball do:

✔️Self-rolling - our product rolls automatically throughout the room, the living room, and even in the garden, with memory of where there are objects that interfere with its path and where to avoid rolling for the next times.

✔️Smart motion sensor - attract your pet's attention and keep them entertained for hours by turning the ball on with a press on the turn on button.

✔️Smart Timer Function - Our self-rolling ball has a smart timer function that ensures to preserve its battery life for a long hours.

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Why our product is better than others?

✔️look- our rolling ball has a unique style and high smart technology, also he has a unique style that looks attractive to pets, and by his rolling skill, It looks like a tennis ball thrown to your pet!

✔️Safety - our Smart Cat Ball is made of soft TPR rubber and silicone material to ensure your pet's safety. We prioritize the safety of your pet first to ensure full enjoyment of the product and to prevent unnecessary worries.

✔️A 30-day guarantee - If you are not completely satisfied with our product after 30 days and feel like it didn't satisfy you, we will refund you and do our best to improve and get better.

Our purpose:

When we built this product, it was important to us that your cat would not be alone while you are not around him, because you are at work, on vacation, etc. So, we did everything we can to make sure that our rolling ball will represent in the most similar way to a real friend to your pet.

Now you can rest assured that your pet won't be lonely when you're not around, thanks to our special ball. You can put all your worries aside knowing that your pet is happy with our rolling ball!

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